Jim’s Thoughts

We have no guarantee there is life after death so we should do our best to live now.

Take what you need but see that it is not more than you give.

There are consequences for our words and actions. That being the case we would be wise to practice the golden rule. That way the consequences will typically be positive ones.
If you have figured out how to consistently do this teach me please.

As unique as we all are human nature is intrinsic to us all. Knowing that is a fact makes being judgmental anything but judicious behavior.

Seek to understand before expecting to be understood.

There are billions of other people in the world. Multitudes will have philosophies and opinions different from yours or mine. In fact some may upset us to one degree or another. We are entitled to our beliefs and opinions but should not arbitrarily conclude that ours are valid and theirs are not. Lets not simply conclude the other person is wrong as it might be the other way around.

Do not live in your head! If you do it is all but certain a life of mediocrity is waiting down the road for you. If you have already arrived relocate.

Know when you should gracefully accept circumstance and your own limitations. It is not true that beliefs coupled with hard work makes all things possible for all people. Base your self-esteem on the integrity of your efforts as you may fall short of your goal.

Be responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior.

Respect other people’s religious beliefs. No offense but there is always the chance your religion if you practice one could be based on what amounts to a fairytale.

Focus on the moment. Your life is today. Your life is now. This is not a rehearsal. Do not let your past haunt you. Forgive yourself and others. Make a flexible road map for your future taking steps in that direction minute by minute. If your map leads to a dead end get a new map and start your journey again. Life is an adventure.

George Harrsion sang “all things must pass”. Good times and hard times will come and go. Have gratitude for the simplest good fortunes and shoulder your misfortunes with as much good character as you can muster. You often can lessen your pain by helping someone else through theirs.

Steer clear of those that live in the land of black and white. Those that preach the good guy, bad guy, white hat, black hat mentality. They are simply trying to benefit from our insecurities or they are inflicted with their own.