More Info

About royalties…
I am able to pay royalties because Radio Metaverse is part of the Radionomy network. Radionomy periodically inserts ads into the stream. Each new broadcaster has two months to build a listening audience or it is dropped from the network. Fortunately, RM has achieved the required audience goal.

What you hear…
For the first 3 months only 1000 songs are allowed on Radionomy’s servers. As of 9/26/2017 RM reached the 3 month point and I have begun uploading another 2000 songs to the Radionomy servers. Yet 3000 songs is not a large enough number to build a truly diversified broadcast. There is a solution to this.

The solution…
Radionomy allows a broadcaster to run professional radio software on the broadcaster’s own computers and relay that broadcast to listeners viva Radionomy. Radio Metaverse already owns professional radio software and all the required components to do just that. This overcomes the 3000 song limit and greatly enhances the dynamics and programming horizons.

An exciting future…

  • Optional display of song lyrics
  • Live DJ(s)
  • Interactive blog
  • Scheduled theme/genre shows

It is my hope that many of you that tune win will become regular listens and in the very near future enjoy a far more advanced radio broadcast originating in Radio Metaverse’s studio and relayed through the Radionomy network.

Sincerely, Jim